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At the bottom an astronomical globe, from about ten years ago with a destination every year attracts many international visitors.
That is the Hobbiton village of dwarves, former natural space as a backdrop for many segments of the two movies (long 3 sets / set) a "hit" is the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit New Zealand was director Peter Jackson's adaptation of the novel by J.R.R Tolkien - an English writer.

Tiny Village Of Hobbiton

Scattered on the grassy hillside, surrounded by a lake and a stream with clear water is 44 tiny houses of the Hobbit. Hobbiton village here, one of the tourism destination of the country of New Zealand attracts many international visitors the most.
If you come here, you are sure to find the house with the blue door because it was "Jiangshan own" Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit famous guy in the trilogy The Hobbit was Peter Jackson's award-winning director adapted from the saga novel of the same name written by JRR Tolkien.
And remember to look closely at other homes to identify any family dwarves rich, no poor family, house-smoked dried fish seller, a house specializing in producing cheese and a house that sells vegetables, house sold honey, bread house ... looks very modest, small but every house is built solid with stone, brick, concrete to be able to survive the passage of time.
To meet the Hobbit village's vibrant daily life over, people still burn wood for smoke coming out of the chimney; all kinds of clothes drying of tiny, fluttering in the cold winter winds New Zealand. It was surprising to hear her young tour guide told, the clothes that are "products" special Weta Digital, a world-renowned company specialized in the design and manufacture of the monster to the weapons in a lot of movies, "blockbuster". They are hanging in the wind and sun dew so for two years to be renewed.
Hobbiton village also has a lot of things are "genuine" from nature, such as land, covered with green grass on the roof and the trees, planted flowers around each house. But the only one big oak trees, lush foliage on the hill, just above his house Bilbo. That's the big trees with plastic leaves 376,000 were imported from Taiwan, hook into twigs, branches and has steadily been repainted care of each leaf a craft.
Pass the stone bridge, you come to the house and just opposite milled rice is Green Dragon tavern, meeting place, chatted and drank beer, entertainment Hobbit. This new space opened in late 2012 and also appeared in the trilogy Lord of the Rings. Today, visitors to the Green Dragon also to try the local beer and then use the buffet. Guests can choose to try a normal beer, brown beer, ginger beer Ginger Beer non-alcoholic Frogmorton or cider Sackville. She said the tour guide, the peak season, a day to enjoy all the beer barrels to 20, or about 1,000 liters.
Open to visitors for the first time about a dozen years ago, the village of Hobbiton little more popular every year and by 2015, it welcomed over 350,000 visitors, with peak days, the guides here to take turns leading 60 delegations. This large number of visitors did not impede the raising of beef cattle breeds Angus 300 children and 13,000 sheep breeds Romney family of Ian Alexander, owner of the broader space of this 560 ha.
There is no doubt that thanks to Alexander Peter Jackson turned to space in 1998 to borrow their green nature as the backdrop for the movie The Lord of the Rings that the farm produced beef, lamb, wool of their farm is now the most famous New Zealand, many international visitors find the most visited.
And also cause many economic benefits not only for them, directed by Peter Jackson (business cooperation 50/50) but also for the hundreds of families in the town of Matamata, Auckland City and about two hours away. Alexander House is considering making use of its own brand Hobbiton for beef, lamb comes from their farm which is now known as "Hobbiton Movie Set".


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