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Away from the capital Miami, Florida over 48km, the coastal city Fort Lauderdale has many natural springs of the same system of canals is considered "American Venice".
From mid-May each year, the cost of the lowest in Fort Lauderdale, so this year is the destination of choice for the summer holidays rather than dense capital Miami wandering visitors.
The natural water flow or the network has formed the Gulf waterway and sea stretching to the sea dividing downtown Fort Lauderdale into sections. The house has magnificent sailing along the travel channel before or after the beans have brought the name "American Venice" to Fort Lauderdale.
The hotel, along the beach amnesty cheaper than Miami to Fort Lauderdale is also the destination of many family visitors or modest purse.
Fort Lauderdale cheap but still have enough leisure activities to please all travelers.
Just over 170 years after William Lauderdale officer to build a fortress to finance modest Seminole (Florida native people sheltering the fugitive black slaves), Fort Lauderdale has a spectacular transformation with monumental series of premises in each corner of the channel, more than 40,000 luxury yachts channel veiled with a young population and wealth have brought the nickname "yacht paradise" for the city.
But Fort Lauderdale has not lost historical roots. Many small houses centuries-old charm still proudly next to the palatial mansion and people always open as ever.
That's why each year more than 10 million Fort Lauderdale welcome tourists, 50 times the local population.
The first attractions of Fort Lauderdale is wide beaches with fine white sand dotted eyes untouched grassy crunch in the sea breeze.
Just a short step from the hotel, guests have touched foot in sea water or emerald green sea nice white clouds are watching from the couch for free on the beach.
You can experience at B Ocean hotel popular boat shape from the years 1950-1960, where many movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe illustrious chosen to catch the Florida sun ...
After a day play with the ocean waves, you can walk on the boulevard along the beach - located between Las Olas and Sunrise Boulevard to watch the swim shop or visit the amnesty roadside shop, where prices surprisingly cheap, especially in the spring.
In April, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the group Air show brings together artists around the world tumbling competition on the beach.
Las Olas Boulevard But, the backbone of the city stretching from the west coast to take the city center, is the point of all visitors coming to the always bustling day and night with the high-end fashion stores , restaurants, hotels, art galleries and halls.
You visit factories cheese cake on the way to enjoy the taste of 50 different types of cheese cake.
Riverwalk, Las Olas part of the branch, along the picturesque canal with riverside houses, commercial centers inside the restaurant colorful and poetic amnesty under canal boats take visitors up and down leisurely travelers both day and night.
Journey of discovery "American Venice" would not otherwise experience the integrity of the country by bus and waterway transport system in Fort Lauderdale extends to 400km.
With ticket prices over 20 dollars, the country tour bus stopped in 20 races on the city channel reclining and you will hear fascinating anecdotes about the neighborhood to understand why business people, artists decide to buy a home here…
With family, Everglades Holiday Park is a fun destination.
The hydrofoil takes guests to surf on wetlands to reach the kingdom of wild crocodiles, explore the wetlands ecosystem in the park or the butterfly garden, where butterflies gather the most diverse in the world, so Boys preferred by tourists.
Not stopping there, the art museum, exploring science and Bonnet House historic building built entirely of coral situated a few steps away from the beach, where there is an impressive collection of paintings and around is garden fragrant flowers with shade all year round thanks to the green spaces of greenery, will cause you to recognize the charm of Fort Lauderdale.


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